Reviews & Feedback

What Clients Say

Mark proved invaluable, driving our clients’ business forward

Hollie Thomson – CCD PR


Mark Smith handled the PR ( at MRA PR) for IMAN Cosmetics for many years. After trialling several PR agencies without success, it was a pleasure and a relief to work with Mark.

With tiny budgets, Mark used his professionalism, creativity and contacts to ensure that IMAN Cosmetics was in the thoughts and minds of the leading beauty journalists of the time.

IMAN Cosmetics would not have been as successful as it was, without Mark’s PR influence.

Susan Garon, Director – Sephytal


The Eyelash Design Company has worked with Mark Smith for many years. Mark covered all our brands Lash Perfect. Lash FX, Hi Brow and Brow Perfect. He did an excellent job and was very influential in the launch of our Lash Perfect Beauty Bar. He has a total grasp of The professional beauty market and a lot of the growth and success of The Eyelash Design Company was due to his work.

Christina Jenkins – Director – The Eyelash Design Company

What Press Say

I have worked with Mark ever since I started in this business. It is always a pleasure to deal with him.

Alessandra Steinherr, Beauty Director – Glamour


I really enjoy working with Mark because he shows me what’s right for my publication and reader and he’ll never try to push something at me just for the sake of box-ticking. It’s always a very relaxed, fun and unpressured experience, I look forward to our meetings.

Alice du Parcq, Beauty Editor – Brides


Mark’s passion for PR is unrivalled.

Alison Tay, Grazia


With a friendly, persuasive, non-pushy manner, Mark is a popular face on the beauty PR network.

Sarah Cooper, Freelance Writer


I’d hire him in a second.

Karen Krizanovich, Journalist, TV and Radio Broadcaster


Mark is an old-school pro: professional and meticulous. Just the way I like it!

Ingeborg van Lotringen, Beauty director, Cosmopolitan